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It’s simple: in all things you look for the better option. You want the better seat at the movie theater, you want the better Dentist (preferably one that doesn’t shame you when you forget to floss), and OF COURSE you want the better snack.
We’re the new cat on the block looking to give you a snack better than any you’ve had before. The old cheetah has had his time in the spotlight and we’re here to steal the show. Once you see the numbers we think you’ll be ready to try the better option:
3g FIBER <1g
130 CALORIES 160
8g FAT 10g
200mg SODIUM 250mg
Comparison per serving.
CHEETOS® is a registered trademark of Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

Plant Based Protein is at the heart of our mission to change the way the world snacks!

World Peas replaces the traditional base (e.g., Corn and Potatoes) used in salty snacks with Pulses (Peas and Lentils), to deliver Better ingredients, Better nutrition, and Better flavor.

We make “junk food” you can feel Better about!

Pulses: They make us Better!

You want to know why we’re Better Than Junk Food? It’s thanks to these plant-protein powerhouse ingredients.

Pulses, the edible seeds of peas and lentils, are an almost magical ingredient: naturally delivering powerful plant-protein and fiber. These SuperFoods pack a nutritional punch: non-GMO, gluten free, and sustainably grown, in addition to delivering vitamins and minerals.

Dig into a bag of Peatos knowing you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of a snacking revolution.

  • Because they deliver bold flavor and bigtime crunch with clean ingredients! We cut out the basic junk food ingredients like corn and potatoes and sub in nutrient-dense pulses. Powerhouse pulses — we use peas and lentils – provide an awesome nutritional base and solid plant-based protein for all our bold and crave-able flavors. It’s “junk food” without the junk!

  • Our proprietary process is what gives Peatos their crave-able flavors and bold crunch. We pack in all the serious “fried snack” taste you long for, but we don’t use any frying.

  • In the U-S of A!

  • What anyone does with a bag of Cheetos® is entirely up to them! Some things people could hypothetically do with a bag of Cheetos®: use them to start a fire (they are known to be flammable), throw them off of your roof, stop responding to their messages but continue to watch their Instagram stories, donate them to science, fly to the ancient ruins in Machu Picchu and sacrifice them to the deity of your choosing, sell them at a local pawn shop for several cents, tell them you are going to the store to get milk and only to never return again, put them in a retirement home as they have become a burden to you and your family, try to turn them into fuel for some sort of vehicle, use them as proverbial “breadcrumbs” on a quest in order to retrace your steps, stain your enemy’s clothing, etc

  • Peatos are taking the country by storm and are likely in a store near you! You can find our snacks in the produce section. Use our store tracker to find a store near you and get your hands on some Peatos! If stores near you don’t have Peatos yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you and your taste buds covered — just order Peatos online.
  • Peatos only uses natural flavors that get pulled straight from fruits, vegetables, or plants — NOT artificial flavors made in a lab. The deliciously bold flavors in Peatos come from real food ingredients.

  • We stay away from artificial, man-made colors like Red 40 and Yellow 6 (the favorite phony colors of that cheetah). You should know by now — we keep it real with bold colors that come right from natural sources, like vegetables, real cheese, and spices!

  • No GMO’s in these PeaTOS. (Did that rhyme? We tried to make it rhyme.)

  • All four flavors are gluten free! (Sorry, gluten lovers)

  • Masala and Fiery Hot Peatos are totally vegan and ready to satisfy your snack cravings! Chili Cheese and Classic Cheese Peatos are vegetarian, but not vegan as they are made with real cheese.

  • We don’t use wheat, soybeans, tree-nuts, or sesame in Peatos. We do use dairy for select flavors. Peatos are produced in a facility that also packages products that do contain wheat, soy, tree-nut, milk, and sesame products. So, if you have severe allergies Peatos may not be the snack for you.

  • Yeast extract comes from the same yeast that’s in bread and beer (both pretty cool things). Don’t let the “yeast” part fool you; this extract is totally gluten-free! It’s the leftover part of the yeast after the yeast-multiplying magic happens and the cell wall gets broken down. Yeast extract brings the thrilling, salty, and umami flavors you crave to Peatos.

  • No, we never add MSG. But it’s worth noting that small amounts of MSG sometimes show up naturally in ingredients like tomatoes and cheeses. Sorry to all you MSG lovers out there – stick to Chinese takeout!

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