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A radical is a person that advocates to create change in the fundamental nature of things.The world is in need of radicals and we’re changing things the way we know how: with snacks.

We’re taking action because there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it all. Great taste, more substance, no compromise – like a Woody Allen film without all the creepy “married his teenage step-daughter” stuff. Consider this a call to arms to join us in the Snack Food Wars.

And RadCats are the ones who answer the call. They’re the adventurers, discoverers, and ass kickers who have a taste for what’s good and a desire to shake up the status quo. They take the leap because they know they’re gonna land on their feet. They always tip at least 18%. They acknowledge “Take On Me” by A-Ha is both a classic AND cheesy. They get sh*t done. They’re all that AND a bag of chips.

Did any of these weird jokes register with YOU?

Never accept snacks from talking animals. More specifically, avoid talking Cheetahs that never take off their sunglasses because they’re clearly hiding SOMETHING.

Flavor ALWAYS comes first in snacking, so skip the bags full of puffs seasoned with fresh air and sustainable hugs. Maybe one day they’ll realize snacks can use real ingredients that come from the ground without tasting like dirt.

People with tiger tattoos should be rewarded with a high five. People with Peatos tattoos will be given free stuff (unless the tattoo is weirdly large or on their forehead or something, in which case we will recommend therapists – because, I mean, we’re a snack brand why would you make a commitment like that!?).

Snack dust on your paws is meant to be licked – BE BOLD. But, DON’T YOU DARE stick your hand back in the communal snack bowl like nothing happened.

Absolutely no clapping when the plane lands even if you really enjoyed the snacks provided.

Snacks must be made with integrity, using quality ingredients. Big corporations giving you GMO filled junk is a lot like popular radio today: it sucks.

Providers of snacks should be applauded if the snacks provided are truly bomb. If the Snacks have a Tiger on the bag give them a standing ovation.

Good snacks shouldn’t cost your WHOLE PAYCHECK, so reach for the snack with the Tiger on the bag and save that hard-earned cheddar for other good stuff! Pro-tip: The Tiger looks even cooler when you have the munchies.

If you ever encounter Academy Award Winner “Sly” Stallone you must immediately give him whatever snacks you have on hand…Eye of the Tiger Baby!

Every March 9th will be an all day celebration (snack-ebration, if you will) of the day was unveiled to the world. BYOB.

Well, for starters, you get a newsletter. (But not just any newsletter…a RAD Newsletter)

As an official member of the RadCats you are an ambassador for good taste. We want you to have all the tools you need to be the authority on good taste! But this isn’t a one way program – no sir. We are looking for you the RadCats to show us how you get down. Each month we are gonna give you cheat codes, spotlight you – our friends, and talk about all things good & tasty! So can grab some Peatos and get out there and do you boo!


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